Data Interrogation and Visualisation Environment (DIVE)

DIVE is a data visualisation and interrogation tool developed for, but not limited to, geographically localised, temporally and spatially varying data. It specifically targets the visualisation of multidisciplinary data and multidimensional data. DIVE runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX computers.

The current version of DIVE is 3.3.6.

DIVE data sources

Model-generated data

  • hydrodynamic and biogeochemical models
  • time-varying 2D or 3D
  • Various model specific formats:
  • Sigma/S level based models (i.e. ROMS, RAMS)
  • Z-level based models (i.e. MOM, SHOC)
  • Curvilinear, rotated and rectangular grids

Observational data

  • vessels (underway, profiles, glider)
  • moorings.
  • satellites/aircraft.


  • Various formats, including netCDF and HDF

Remote sensed imagery

  • SST
  • SeaWIFS (i.e. chlorophyll)

DIVE Features

  • Intuitive dialogs to control the presentation of data.
  • Overlay selected datasets and simultaneously view them over space and time.
  • Select multiple sample locations to present profiles and time series.
  • Separate different vertical levels, i.e. pelagic and sediment.
  • Create vertical sections from user-definable transects.
  • The visualisation of datafiles defined by the user can be exported as movies (animated gif, AVI, Adobe FLASH) and images (png, jpg)
  • Explore and visualise data files locally available.
  • Provide metadata and custodian information from data repositories (where made available).

DIVE Screen Images

Cross section based on user-defined transect thhrough curvilinear dataset. NetCDF attributes are shown on the left hand panel.

Depth profile and time series for selected sample points

Download DIVE

CSIRO makes DIVE available under the licence terms which can be viewed here. By downloading DIVE you acknowledge you have read and accept the terms in this licence and on this webpage.

DIVE uses a number of third party libraries. These libraries are installed when DIVE is installed. CSIRO distributes these libraries under the same terms on which these libraries were made available to CSIRO. The licence terms for these libraries can be viewed in Appendix D of the DIVE User Manual. By downloading DIVE you acknowledge you have read and accept the library licence terms.

DIVE requires Java SE JRE version 7 or above, which can be downloaded from

Download the DIVE installer from here

The DIVE User Manual is included with the above installer, but is available separately from here

Please note that DIVE was developed for research purposes only. As such, CSIRO makes no representations express or implied as to:

  • The accuracy of DIVE or the absence of defects or errors in DIVE; or
  • The non-infringement by DIVE of intellectual property rights of third parties.

CSIRO is not obliged to provide any support services for DIVE including providing any advice or answering any questions about the use or performance of DIVE.




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